MissTravel.com On ABC 20/20

A lot of vacation stories go for about bad in-flight dinners, sub-par hostel accommodations, and confusing social mix ups. But this travel story concerns several just who joined up with MissTravel.com, met for the first time in Cabo San Lucas, and fell crazy.

Their own story was actually included on ABC 20/20‘s “getaway private” segment, alongside a job interview because of the web site’s president and CEO, Brandon Wade. ABC could be the first to report among “the newest and wackiest vacation developments” via a real possibility travel online dating reveal that actually too much faraway from their travel-and-romance hits “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

MissTravel.com claims to function as very first online dating service to blend travel with relationship, by bringing together reasonable single man dating sites finding travel companions with appealing singles just who cannot afford to visit by yourself. The concept is demonstrating is a popular one: above 100,000 people have joined and over 50,000 excursions have-been prepared in three months the website was live.

MissTravel.com features stirred up its share of conflict with experts with contrasted it to a vacation companion company, but Brandon Wade is on the defensive. “Most people are uncomfortable with all the concept of having whatever risk,” he said during their interview with ABC, “so that they elect to glance at all the things that may fail with MissTravel.com, at the same time ignoring all its potential for success.”

Sibel and Steven, the couple presented in part, are certain to agree. Sibel is actually a 27-year-old from ny whom signed up for MissTravel.com with just minimal objectives. After joining, she received an email for Steven, a 31-year-old economic planner from north park who had been seeking organization on his upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Sibel says she found the notion of signing up for a guy she’d never ever met on a trip abroad overwhelming, but chose to have a go after days of speaks on Skype as well as the telephone. They found the very first time at Villa Marcella, a beachside mansion Steven hired out for an impressive $2500 per night. It was a weekend filled with indulgences – dips from inside the Jacuzzi, good food, a private boat, snorkeling, horseback riding, massage treatments – so when it stumbled on an in depth, Sibel and Steven kissed both good-bye and returned to their houses.

A couple weeks afterwards, Steve journeyed to ny to visit Sibel, and some weeks from then on, she journeyed to north park to invest a weekend with him. One success story of MissTravel.com continues to be getting authored: Sibel and Steve discovered what they were looking for on MissTravel.com, therefore the few continues to be internet dating.