Oohh, I love this song
the Latina girl
said from her seat
in the East Village bar
as her Latino boyfriend
leapt from their table
started dancing
right there in the bar
without a care
or worry in the world
happy to be
grooving so free
his girlfriend joined him
beautifully moving
her hips and body
to the song and her man
and I thought about
the people I’ve seen
in this great city
sitting in the Hudson
rollerbladers dancing
while skating in Central Park
musicians strumming
their hearts and souls out
in the dirty, dusty
dank subway tunnels
poets and writers
selling their words
on the sidewalk, in parks
and I thought about
how lucky we are
regardless of
corrupt politicians
who twist and smear
what it means to be free
and I thought about
this experiment
called America
and truly hoped
we can rise above
the ignorance
of our times
and pathetic, disgusting
incompetent leaders


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