Here’s to JD

The following poem is dedicated to John J. “JD” Donohue (10/20/69 – 11/21/11). You could snowboard, hang glide, windsurf, kite board, cook, party and so much more. And you left us way too soon, buddy, and will always be terribly missed. In keeping with his spirit the poem is also a drinking game. Every time you say the line, “Here’s to JD,” you have to drink!


Here’s to JD

The coolest guy

He could drink like a sailor

And make the girls sigh


Here’s to JD

A sick snowboard nut

And if you were sad

He’d get you out of your rut


Here’s to JD

Who taught me to kite

And make a caiparina

To set me just right


Here’s to JD

With his smile so sly

An all-knowing grin

From the coolest guy


JD making some sushi down at the Outer Banks, NC 2011

JD kiteboarding at Long Beach Island, NJ 2008

JD at LBI 2008

JD getting some air, Big Sky, Montana 2001

JD Big Sky 2001

JD tearing it up in a great run at Vail (Cheetah Gully) 2006

JD Vail 2006

JD tearing it up at the power lines, near Ludlow, VT 2001

JD Pwr Lns 2001

JD windsurfing at the Outer Banks, NC 2003

JD wndsrfng OBX 2003

JD having fun in the trees, Vail, 2009


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